Monthly Archives: July 2012

chipotle crusted pork

Check out these gorgeous pork tenderloins! These are from my local Whole Foods Market and trust me, they were even… Continue reading »

dried fruit and steak fajitas

This weekend when I was couponing, I perused the Aldi ad and noticed that they had a dehydrator for $19.99!… Continue reading »

tomorrow is grocery day!

I have been putting my grocery list together for the last, oh, four hours… this is mostly because I do… Continue reading »

my day on the farm!

So this past Friday, I went for a tour of the Goma Dairy Farm in Marlette, Michigan! This was an… Continue reading »

change is good, right?

Ok, I know I need to get my post about the trip to Goma Farms written up – I have… Continue reading »

tomorrow’s the big day!

So excited to go to the Goma Dairy Farm tomorrow! I’ve been geeked about this all week. Now that the… Continue reading »

my experience with Cooking Matters Detroit!

First, I would like to say this: I don’t know that I am capable of expressing how great a program… Continue reading »

cooking matters and an exciting giveaway!

This week is a little crazy! Since starting this blog, I have been nervous to tell people that I am… Continue reading »

raw juice and slow jams…

Normally when Neil and I go to Eastern Market, we need something or are cooking something. This time, we had… Continue reading »

hey! check out my carrrrrrrrrrrrnitas!

A couple weeks back, Neil offered to pick up meat from Costco for me. If it isn’t something like chicken… Continue reading »